Providing Education Solutions with a difference

Starship Management & Services situated in Lausanne, Switzerland since 1999

Starship Management & Services provides education with a difference in 2 areas

Academic Services

The academic services of Starship management provides academic solutions:

  • To young children (9-18 yrs) their academic career to uplift them to university education.
  • Develops young students (9-18 yrs) in difficulties in learning
  • Young Students (9-18 yrs) who are gifted and want to accelerate their studies.
  • Develop and train teachers
  • Corporate English Trainings programs to corporates employees

The Starship Academic services for Universities Admissions:

  • Counselling for top universities
  • Admission preparation for the universities of their choice
  • Other related services

We have been providing university support and counselling to many students and their parents for choosing and enrolling in universities of their choices. Many parents and students sometimes face difficulties in deciding and choosing certain universities which fits to their children`s dreams of their views about their careers and end up in universities that has different specializations.

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Transformative Education

A Crystal Awareness Transformative Journey

This education provides human understanding to develop and expand an individual’s potential in both their professional and personal lives.

  • Transformative Education, is about discovery, reflections and empowering you to a new level of your growth and success.
  • We use Crystal Awareness programs that will open you to your doors of the awareness and understanding of within yourself your true qualities, values for your success.
  • Programs from 18+  taught  individually or in groups and specially to students facing anxieties, fears and many other issues.
  • These programs allow you to make a difference in your organizational performance and effectiveness including your personal lives.

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Our Core Vision

Providing you with the education  and bringing you to an understanding and having the awareness and the knowledge that enhances you in your personal and professional effectiveness and efficiency in your life.

About Amyn Lalani

Amyn is a Teacher, Advisor and a Mentor on transformative education based in Switzerland and written his first book on life`s reflection after covid-19. His own transformational journey has spanned over 3 continents – Africa, North America and Europe where he has been learning the truth and finding the answers of life for him and has devoted himself to help transform the lives of his clients through simple techniques of self-reflection and mindfulness.
Amyn has over 25 years’ experience in managing and operating business schools, which allowed him to help the schools achieve a number of strategic plans and objectives. He has also travelled extensively around Central and Eastern Asia, the Middle East as well as Western and Eastern Europe, North America to further develop education business and help with student recruitment, counselling and preparing them for the top universities.
Under the umbrella of Starship Management and Services, he has now created a new personal development  education system called the “Transformative Education”. This education provides human understanding to develop and expand an individual’s potential in both their professional and personal lives.
Amyn holds regular Q&A sessions for clients and is available for on-line versions of specific workshops.

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