What is International Education Management ?

The International Education Management is about Business Education administration & Governance & management, Committee operations, Quality management, Academic advising & Planning, Faculty Development Partnership Development & International Recruitment, enhancement strategy and processes, or any Specific Projects and comprises both at Secondary education and Higher education levels.

Starship Management services in International Education Management provides over 20 years of experience in International Education in the following areas of expertise: Our Team has expertise and understanding of the UK ,Canadian, USA, German, Swiss , Australian, Chinese, Indian & Russian education systems and more.

Summer Programs for International Universities Students in Switzerland

  1. Provide a package where the University will have the benefit of their students:
    • Learn from qualified professors – or universities bring their own
    • Students will have different corporate visits and presentation
    • Site tours of different cities
    • Valuable experience on different international culture
    • Hotels with breakfast included

2. International Universities wanting their students to achieve international Business experience in Switzerland and earn credits from qualified professors in Business related courses.

3. University and Starship Management team will develop the final courses and program.

International Recruitment Services for Universities to recruit their students

Starship has over 20 years International recruitment experience for recruitment of students fo:

  • University Placement
  • IB schools placement from many countries across the world. Starship can sign individual agreement with specific university for their recruitment only.

Countries where to recruit:

Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia,Vietnam, Philiipines, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Turkey, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, All Eastern European & Western European countries, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, all Scandinavian countries and more.

Advising & Mentoring on Quality Assurance & Management

Starship personnel is well knowledgeable and equipped to mentor and advise on various accreditation such as: AACBSP, EQUIS, ACBSP, EPAS, AMBA, and understand all your needs and preparation. Provides guidance on preparation, training and workshops as evaluators. Advise on Preparation of different criteria’s and standards for the implementation of the accreditation requirements.

International Universities partnerships in Switzerland and other countries

International Universities wishing to open their summer camps or international experience with partnerships with other Swiss universities or even to establish their Branch of their Universities – Starship can advise in preparing to final steps in establishing with specific emphasis on various locations and legal issues.

“The greatest gift that you can give to another is knowledge, for knowledge is power—power to build and to dream. What you can envision in your mind, you can achieve.”- Jack Podojil –

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