Our Experience.

Starship Management provides 30 years of experience and competencies in the workshops listed below.
At the end of each completed session, participants will receive a certificate. Each workshops can also be customized to each individual or corporate needs.

Workshop and Trainings

Management Skills
Understanding various key managerial concepts

Organisational Behaviour
The key to understanding various behavior patterns and differences

Enhancing you leadership knowledge and skills

Strategic planning
Understanding the various concepts and tools in a strategic planning process

Conflict resolution
How to understand differences between people and ways of working together

Team Effectiveness
Understanding team dynamics and developing team effectiveness

Length of each Session

3 days 6-7 hours sessions depending on the corporate or individual requirements. If an individual wants private training, Starship organises personal workshops to meet specific needs.


Workshops can be held at clients office or at a location in Lausanne . For International clients each session is possible at their location.

“Confidence, like art never comes from having all the answers.It comes from being open to all the questions”-Earl Gary Stevens-

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